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Elaine Michael has been representing both men and women in the area of Family Law for over 30 years. Her hands-on approach provides understanding and guidance through your most complex legal issues. Her experience in the field of Family Law will help you maneuver through the process of Divorce, Child Custody, Property Division contempt, or any other area of Family Law. Elaine and her staff understand that this process is extremely emotional and that each case is unique, requiring a specific strategy for your particular needs. It is never too early to consult with an attorney - even if you are not sure where you are in the process. The Law Office of Elaine Michael can also assist in preparing your Last Will and Testament and the documents necessary to prepare in advance in case of your incapacity.

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What do you need guidance about?

For over 32 years, attorney Michael has been helping her clients seek positive outcomes for their situations. Her practice areas include:

Wills and probate

Helping individuals put their wishes in writing

Family law

Assisting families during divorces, custody disputes and other complex situations

Criminal law

Representing those facing charges of drug possession, assault, DWI and family violence

No matter what you're going through, you can turn to local family law attorney Michael for representation. She'll put you in the best position possible to receive the outcome you desire. Email her now to set up a meeting.

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Resolving a legal matter can be incredibly stressful. With so many options and outcomes to consider, you're probably feeling overwhelmed. That's why you should turn to Attorney Michael.

Through her hands-on approach and dedication to effective representation, she is able to:

Put your mind at ease
Simplify the legal process
Build a working relationship with you

Our local family law attorney is ready to support you through all your legal matters. Learn more about Elaine S Michael Attorney At Law in Houston, TX by reaching out to us today.